Parish Council Mission Statement

The purpose of the council is to further pastoral ministry of the parish of Sacred Heart, being summed up with the words of the Our Father “…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth…”, Matthew 6:10.  This council shall seek to carry out this passage by prayer and service.

Meetings: Third Wednesday – Monthly – 6:00PM

Ron Gazdik

Ron Gazdik

Parish Council Chairperson

Pat Reger

President Finance Committee

Finance Council

Canon Law 537–Each parish is to have a finance council which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop; in this council the Christian faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods with due regard to canon 532.

Meetings: Quarterly

St. Ann Circle Mission Statement

The purpose of the Circle will be in the spirit of Christian Fellowship to promote parish activities and religious education.  This shall be accomplished by:

  • Hosting parish-wide activities.
  • Assisting before, during, and after parish activities.
  • Designating particular fund-raising events to benefit religious education.
  • Remembering the shut-ins, the sick, and the bereaved of the parish.
  • Providing assistance in whatever possible way to further the Christian Fellowship of the parish.

Meetings: Second Tuesday – Monthly – 1:00PM

Katie Ergenekon

Katie Ergenekon

President St. Ann Circle
Wayne Budrus

Wayne Budrus

Burke Fund

Burke Foundation Mission Statement

A charitable tax-exempt trust whose income and principal is for the exclusive use of Sacred Heart Church and its subunits. The foundation itself, however, is a totally separate entity from the church itself.

Meetings: Quarterly