Catholic Charities Community Center of Huntington, has moved to 2015 Adams Ave in Huntington. They are now located in Sacred Heart Parish Center. This has become a great fellowship to both the West End of Huntington and Catholic Charites. The community outreach has been received warmly and growth is unbounded.

Remember all services at the Community Center are at “no cost” to clients. While we are proud of our Catholic Heritage, we only ask our client “How can we help you,” not their faith. Please visit our new location to see the great work being performed and meet the highly engaged staff.

Some of the curriculum offered are:

High School Equivalency, Computer Applications, Microsoft Office Specialist, Agribusiness systems, Engineering and Design, Business Law, Introduction to Computer Science, Food Safety and Sanitation, Nursing Assistant, Medical Terminology, Careers in Allied Health, Fire and Emergency Services and a host of other courses.  Contact us or stop in the get a complete list.

Classes usually run for 12 months and apprenticeships are associated with most classes. Some classes are taught through distance learning so clients do not always have to come the the Community Center. Bus passes are available to those who require transportation.

Catholic Charities Community Center of Huntington is funded by grants and donations only. Catholic Charities of Huntington will partner with any local business to enhance employees job skills. Remember this is at “NO COST”  to the clients.

Contact: Melody Nelson at (304) 654-5518 or Chad Porter at (304) 544-6836 of course you may always call Sacred Heart at (304) 429-4318 and we will steer you in the right direction.